Our Specialty

As Physiatrists, we specialize in bone, muscle and nervous system health.

We have expertise in therapeutic exercise and helping people with pain or limited mobility, regain maximum physical funtion.

We treat the whole person, focusing on helping the patient understand and take control of their health.

How we can help

We can help you improve function and prevent pain.

Come to us if you have pain from known or unknown causes or if you have limited mobility and want to regain maximum physical function.

Come to us to reduce lower back pain associated with obesity. Extra body weight increases the load on the back, knees and feet. Our weight loss program addresses these problems.

Come to us with problems from car accidents, sports injuries and on-the-job injuries.

What is included in our Service

“Our goal is to bring people back to a natural state of optimal function.”

This may mean different things for different people, losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining flexibility, increased cardiovascular function, increased joint range of motion, aligning the skeleton,etc.

We offer medical management of pain, a medically managed weight loss program, sparing use of drugs when indicated and a therapeutic strength and flexibility program to assist with these goals.