Top 5 Things that Promote Health Joints

Joint Health is vital to an individual’s health and well-being, resulting in added flexibility and mobility.

Here are 5 Things you can do to promote healthy joints:

  1. Exercise  Exercising not only can assist you in maintaining your body weigh, but it can also assist you in increasing your heart rate with in turn can help reduce joint swelling. If your joints are giving you pain, you may want to try low impact activities such as swimming or cycling.
  2. Move  With ever increasing Technology, it can be easy to become glued to a chair all day using a computer, playing video games, watching high definition movies, listening to music, texting or working long hours. Sitting all day can put a person at risk for joint pain and stiffness. To avoid this we need to move more, take frequent breaks at work, stretch, try taking a walk or stand while you are talking on the phone or texting.
  3. Build Muscle  Your joints take a pounding on a daily basis when we walk, run, jog, go up and down stairs,etc.  One way we can take the pressure off our joints is to build muscle to help keep your muscles and surrounding ligaments strong. Building muscle means your joints don’t have to work so hard.  A personal trainer can tell you the best exercises to promote healthy joints as well as how to do them correctly to prevent injury.
  4. Build a Strong Core  Perform activities that strengthen your core. This your large muscle groups in your chest, back, and abdomen.
  5. Perfect Your Posture  Bad posture is not good for your joints. Good posture protects your hip joints and back muscles. When when lifting and carrying, good posture is extremely important. For example, When lifting, use the largest muscles in your body,  bending your knees instead of your back.